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Ken Podraza, PhD, is founder of 2XL Shooting Sports


  • Ken has over 25 years of clay target shooting experience
  • has almost a decade of full-time clay target instructing experience
  • provides professional Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap & Wingshooting Instruction 
  • teaches a structured shooting process giving the novice to master shooter the necessary tools for improving shooting skills
  • provides shotgun fitting, stock modifications, and ShotKam video analysis services 
  • is a shooting sports writer                                                             

Ken's Instructional Certifications


  • Paragon School of Sporting
  • National Sporting Clays Association
  • Coordinated Shooting Method
  • National Rifle Association

Services Provided


Ken provides monthly clinics, private lessons, shotgun fitting, stock modifications, and video analysis at Back Woods Quail Club located west of Georgetown, SC. These services can be schedule at a club near you. Call or email for information and to schedule an appointment. 


Sporting Clays Clinic


Sunday, November 10, 2019

PM Session, 1-4pm

at Back Woods Quail Club

Sporting Clays Clinic


Sunday, December 15, 2019

PM Session, 1-4pm

at Back Woods Quail Club

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Shotgun Fitting


A shotgun that fits the shooter increases shooting accuracy and overall enjoyment! In the process of shooting, the shotgun should be an extension of the body.  The eye has to be aligned over the barrel of the shotgun, yet the shooter does not aim the shotgun. The shotgun must shoot where the shooter is looking, that is, at the target.  Shotgun fitting involves modifying the shotgun stock to adjust for the individual shooters size, body configuration, and mounting technique.


Example of a left-to-right clay target shot execution as seen via the ShotKam. The dark red-orange dot is where the shotgun is pointing; the clay target is the bright orange flying object.

This type of video analysis can be part of your training. See how your shotgun moves and where your shot placement is located!

Instructing Philosophy

Today's target setters are more skilled then ever to challenge the shotgunner. The target presentations are more technical in nature requiring skillful reading of the target flight path, angle, speed, distance and other nuances. Thus, having a process that minimizes random shotgun movement, and provides precise shotgun placement for the initial shotgun movement on the target is essential.

My goal as an instructor is to teach a process that allows the shooter to have a well-planned set-up and smooth swing on the various target presentations. You will learn how to use the process to self-correct after missing a target.  Individual shooter uniqueness is taken into consideration.

Additionally, lessons and clinics include a safety review, eye dominance evaluation, shooting stance pointers, shotgun fit, execution of the shooting process on various target presentations, and addressing individual specific needs. Each shooter has unique needs that are addressed for optimum performance. Proper stance and shotgun fit ensures the shotgun points where you are looking. Eye dominance, which can change over time and specific circumstances, is important to assess for proper shooting technique. Safety is always the most critical element; once a shot is fired there is no going back. Together, the instruction will make you comfortable shooting on any course or tournament,  and prepare you to eXcel to your shooting goal.


Shooting Tips

  • The shooting process entails both technical and mental elements.  The technical elements include having a correct stable stance, and break point and muzzle hold points that allow the shooter to have a smooth controlled swing that develops the correct muzzle/target relationship at the break point. 
  • The mental elements to controlling ones nerves during competition, can be achieved in part by having a pre-shot routine that get the body and mind in sync while shutting out the rest of the world.
  • Physical fitness training increases stamina, core stability, and upper body strength. Yoga is a good overall fitness activity.
  • Visualization involves mentally going through every step of the shooting process, seeing the clay target break into a starburst of small pieces, and smelling the gunpowder.



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