Join Ken, 2XL Shooting Sports, for Monthly Instructional Clinics

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Ken Podraza, PhD, is founder of 2XL Shooting Sports


  • Ken has over 25 years of clay target shooting experience
  • has almost a decade of full-time clay target instructing experience
  • provides professional Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap & Wingshooting Instruction
  • teaches a structured shooting process giving the novice to master shooter the necessary tools for improving shooting skills
  • provides shotgun fitting, stock modifications, and ShotKam video analysis services 
  • is a shooting sports writer      

Ken's Instructional Certifications


  • Paragon School of Sporting
  • National Sporting Clays Association
  • Coordinated Shooting Method
  • National Rifle Association

Services Provided


Ken provides monthly clinics, private lessons, shotgun fitting, stock modifications, and video analysis at Back Woods Quail Club located west of Georgetown, SC. These services can be schedule at a club near you. Call or email for information and to schedule an appointment.