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Instructing Philosophy

Today's target setters are more skilled then ever to challenge the shotgunner. The target presentations are more technical in nature requiring skillful reading of the target flight path, angle, speed, distance and other nuances. Thus, having a process that minimizes random shotgun movement, and provides precise shotgun placement for the initial shotgun movement on the target is essential.

My goal as an instructor is to teach a process that allows the shooter to have a well-planned set-up and smooth swing on the various target presentations. You will learn how to use the process to self-correct after missing a target.  Individual shooter uniqueness is taken into consideration.

Additionally, lessons and clinics include a safety review, eye dominance evaluation, shooting stance pointers, shotgun fit, execution of the shooting process on various target presentations, and addressing individual specific needs. Each shooter has unique needs that are addressed for optimum performance. Proper stance and shotgun fit ensures the shotgun points where you are looking. Eye dominance, which can change over time and specific circumstances, is important to assess for proper shooting technique. Safety is always the most critical element; once a shot is fired there is no going back. Together, the instruction will make you comfortable shooting on any course or tournament,  and prepare you to eXcel to your shooting goal.